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GHT Investments

GHT — Investments in Time, Inc.

GHT — Investments in Time is a full-service entity specializing in investments to the public. We have been highly respected members of both the IWJG and NAWCC for many years. There are many ways to invest money in today's ever changing marketplace and our company has experienced great success over the past few years with what we call "investment portfolios." These portfolios can be put together in a multitude of diverse ways, comprised of a combination of wrist watches, jewelry, artwork, properties or even exotic automobiles.

In 2007, most of our clients took our expert advice by investing in high end wrist watches. These clients pulled money out of other investments such as the stock market and did not lose money but, rather, made excellent money on their timepiece portfolio investments.

As horology experts, we study the measurement of time. We specialize in all types of wrist watches, accessories and estate jewelry. We have two (2) dedicated watchmakers that can expertly take care of all types of timepieces from basic to complicated and intricate. We also welcome BUY, SELL or TRADE situations. When you purchase a timepiece from GHT — Investments in Time, it is a wearable investment that continuously gains in value.